After Getting Your Car Accident Damage Estimates – What Can You Do?

Luckily, many car accidents occur without serious physical injuries to those involved. When a person has been in that type of crash, usually the most pressing issue on his or her mind is: how do I get my car fixed? That question can have many answers. The first thing to consider is whether or not you even have comprehensive collision coverage on your vehicle. Working through these things with an attorney can help you weather the storm. In Utah, this type of coverage is not required. That means that some drivers will be unable to get their car fixed by their own insurance company. That leads us to the next issue.

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 Usually the first question everyone should be asking after an accident is: who was at fault? If you did not cause the accident, you will be able to go through the at fault party’s insurance for your claims.

Going through the at-fault driver’s insurance.

If you contact the at-fault driver’s insurance and file a claim on their liability policy, you will not have to pay a deductible. You will also not have to file a claim on your own policy and may avoid the possibility of a future increase in premiums. Unfortunately, going through the adverse insurance can take an awfully long time because they will not do anything until they can determine fault. You would think that determining fault would not take long after most accidents, you’d be wrong. They will delay longer than you would ever think is practical.

Going through your own insurance.

This is typically the best path to take. Most of us don’t realize that after fault is determined, your insurance provider will be reimbursed anyway and you will then be reimbursed your deductible. Having to pay the deductible upfront is the biggest downfall to going through your own insurance. When you have rental car coverage on your own policy, this decision can become somewhat of a no brainer.

Getting the repair done.

Your insurance adjustor may set up a time to see your car so he can draw up an estimate himself. If this happens, keep in mind that you can also take it to your own shop to get your own estimate and negotiate for the higher one. If your insurance provider does not have a local adjustor they will likely send you to a preferred body shop or even have you take it to multiple shops so they can pay you the amount of the lowest estimate. Just make sure that you trust the shop and your shop agrees that they can do the repair at a good quality for that amount.

When the estimate gets to be more than your car’s fair market value, your car will be considered “totaled.” That gives you two choices. You can either sell your damaged car to the insurance company for “fair market value.” Or, you can deduct the salvage amount from the fair market value and keep the damaged car. Remember that fair market value is based on how your car would sell in your geographical region and that amount can be negotiated.

Was anyone hurt?

Finally, keep in mind that if anyone was hurt in the accident, the car becomes the least of your worries. The bodily injury claim is extremely more complex to deal with. You will likely need the assistance of a good car-accident attorney.


This article is offered only for general information and educational purposes.  It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion.  You should not act or rely on any information contained in this article without first seeking the advice of an attorney.

Features of a LCD Media Player

You can have the freedom to take your audio, video and digital photos with you on the road and enjoy your digital content anywhere, thanks to portable media.

A portable media player and a hard drive based MP3 player are different, however, a LCD media player also lets you watch movies, and listen to audio files. Usually comes with a color LCD screen for easy navigation through files, and view video content. You can also use these devices to view digital images or to store data on your computer. Different players have different sizes and features, while some are equipped with expansion slots for media cards similar to digital cameras.


AmsterS@m On TV - Wicked Videos Online

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These are not as portable as so you can carry them in your pocket. If the screen is too small, it will not be able to watch videos on it. Therefore, the screen size affects the overall size of the player. Battery requirements also are affected, and these players are equipped with a battery for video playback. The weight and size of the device is determined by the larger screen and battery with adequate power. However, they are twice the size and weight of hard disk MP3 players and come with a display of 3-4 inches.


In general, we expect the weight of a portable multimedia system in less than a kilo. Should have enough storage space, and a good sized screen (above 4 ” is acceptable.) People who are constantly traveling is likely to appreciate this device if there is enough storage space for more than one hundred hours of video that can play on the built- in 4.3 ” color LCD display . The player also should be able to play a variety of video files including MPEG -4, WMV and protected WMV.

Slow motion, adjustable screen size, video editing and even a video -book function brand are some of the features we expect from a good media player.

Usually, if you buy optional DVR Station , the device becomes a digital video recorder capable of recording TV and most video sources such as a VCR , camcorder or DVD in MPEG -4 , and cable / satellite. You should be able to create a DVR station by connecting the device to an external video source, and schedule recordings or instantly record by using an infrared receiver that controls the external video sources.

You should also be able to transfer your photos, while moving from a PC or mass storage device, using a coupling adapter and with the help of a USB 2.0 interface or directly from a digital camera.

Gradually the idea of a computer room and entertainment center entertainment is becoming a reality day by day , mainly thanks to the flexibility and versatility of a computer compared to other electronic devices (DVD , CD ‘s, VCR, etc.) in which we can hardly adapt to support new formats, roles and functions .

There are already commercial solutions specifically designed for computer entertainment: the barebones computer games, which, although it is true that more and achieve more competitive prices compared to conventional computers, today its acquisition implies a greater financial outlay and a host of technical problems due to their lack of flexibility (to go all the hardware integrated in a single support plate that barely supports modifications or extensions to its structure).

We will try to approach this idea of computer room, but to propose a more economical solution, flexible and improved compared to current solutions barebones: computer hardware and software specific, instead of purchasing a new computer specific, your computer will try to implement in the functions of a computer room.

Infertility Causes

Causes of infertility can be physical and hormonal in women and in men. We were told by our fertility specialist as we begun our fertility treatments that we should freeze some of her eggs in case they can’t solve our issues right now. Of course the costs of egg freezing were fresh on our mind, but so were some of the problems that may be causing our infertility. So here are some of the main issues and or causes so that you are aware of them as well.

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Physical causes

Tubal infertility-related

The fallopian tubes are a very important function in the body, because they carry the sperm to the egg cell and the fertilized egg toward the uterus. If the fallopian tubes are sealed or glued in any way, the transport of the ova is difficult or impossible, and limited by a infertility. An occlusion of the fallopian tubes can have several causes. These are, inflammation, previous ectopic pregnancy, surgery, or endometriosis.


In endometriosis, the growing endometrium outside the uterus. Through these growths, affecting the reproductive organs such as fallopian tubes and ovaries for a bladder, bowel and abdominal cavity. Making conception more difficult and increases infertility. The cause of endometriosis is largely unknown.

Endometriosis is the development of uterine-lining tissue outside the uterus. Symptoms may include abdominal pain, heavy periods, and infertility. Treatment options include pain relievers, hormones, and surgery. – WEBmd

Changing the uterus and cervix

Comparable to a bottleneck is a cervix similar to that of its nature. This is for the sperm , the narrowest point on the way to the egg. If the cervix is now scarred by surgery or has closures or inflammation, reproduction can be hampered and lead to infertility. So-called muscle knots (fibroids) in the uterus are always the cause of a persistent infertility or miscarriages.

Malformations of ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus

Another reason for physical causes, and thus for a infertility are in very rare cases, abnormalities in the reproductive organs, which are usually congenital.

Polycystic ovary (PCO)

Common cause of infertility in women is the appearance of many small cysts in the ovaries, a so-called polycystic ovary.

Treatment of physical causes

Cysts and tumors, and adhesions, polyps or fibroids can be surgically removed or dissolved. Congenital malformations are no longer operational to solve it.

Hormonal disorders

There are some hormonal causes an infertility have as a result:

  • Overproduction of male hormones
  • Elevated prolactin in the blood. Prolactin is a hormone that the ovulation is suppressed
  • Altered hormone levels by an impaired ovarian function
  • Dysfunction of the midbrain or the Hirnharndrüse. These release important hormones in the maturation of ovarian follicles

Treatment of hormonal causes

Treatment options here can be in the form of tablets or infusions, the effect lasts for one month. In parallel, an ultrasound or blood test is performed to observe the egg maturation. Furthermore, homeopathic and herbs and acupuncture popular applications, which provide good services.

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Girl or Boy? Determine Your Childs Sex

Boy or girl? Who wants a baby, would especially like that it is healthy. Within the United States they now allow a new technique with which the sex can be determined. It is utilized by a process called preimplantation genetic diagnosis. As we’ve progressed as human beings we’ve consistently made progress in our desire to allow the gift of life to whomever desires it, and now it has allowed you to pick the sex of your child.

The term pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is used to denote procedures that do not look for a specific disease but use PGD techniques to identify embryos at risk.

-Wikipedia Page

The sperm determines the sex of a child. The egg of the woman carries in itself always an X chromosome. A sperm cell fertilizes the egg, then either merge the two into a XX or XY combination. So it depends on the sperm, whether the offspring is a boy or a girl.

There are numerous tips on how to determine the sex of the child desire the same. Diet, time of ovulation or sexual position to have an impact on.

So there is now a technology that allows this sex selection before conception. The sperm are stained and separated according to sex. The sorted sperm is then used in artificial insemination.

Sleeping Baby

The question is whether it will be a boy or a girl is especially important if you’re trying to avoid a sex limited genetic diseases. As muscular dystrophy and hemophilia – seem to affect primarily or even exclusively members of one sex.

The new method can avoid parents to transfer these genetic diseases to their children. Another advantage is, according to a study at the University Hospital of Basel , that the number of additional embryos, which is required for preimplantation genetic diagnosis usually can be reduced.

Even U.S. studies have shown that patients who wanted to get a girl by using the new technique, approximately 93 percent of pregnant women have received has become a female child. The desire for a boy, it was almost 85 percent.

There is always more progress to be made, and there is some additional conversations to have regarding the morality of what they call “playing God”, that subject is not the point of this article. In regards to avoiding sex based genetic problems by being able to determine the sex of the child offers hope to many who fear bring a child into this world who may not be able to linger for as long as they like.

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Pregnancy Risks Education

If you say that you’re pregnant, you get a first set of recommendations. From friends, family members, doctors, people on the street or the package labels of different products. “Do this!”, “Do not make just that!”, “Do not drink alcohol!”, “Stay away from smokers!”, “Do not take too much caffeine to be!”, “Do not eat Sushi! “,” Think twice about it before you get on a roller coaster “. But no one says.! “Do not drive” What is the risk of driving a car, however, can be just as dangerous as smoking or drinking. As we analyze these kind of things, it’s important to understand the real risks for pregnancy. We recently went to in infertility clinic and we were lucky enough to get pregnant, what a tragedy it would be to go through all of that work to get pregnant only to lose it in a simple car crash.

ALL MOMS ! Expecting...[Please Read Below] =D

The risk for pregnant women behind the wheel is so relevant that doctors should ask mothers about their future driving habits. These are at least the conclusions which Professor Hank Weiss of the University of Otago in New Zealand draws in his study of the risk of injuries caused by an accident during pregnancy. “The degree of risk in this case is as large as in smoking or alcohol drinking,” as the doctor. To be involved in a traffic accident, can lead to complications such as premature birth or the detachment of the placenta.

The car is so deeply rooted in our lives today that we rarely consider it as a possible health problem. But that’s it. And not just because of the pollutants that indeed affect the whole population. For vulnerable people – such as pregnant women – it also provides a particularly high risk dar. two decades, White has examined the risks that exist for pregnant women and the fetus in a car accident. In his last – in the Journal of the Australasian Epidemiological Association released – this work he examined statistics from New Zealand, which show that 21 fetuses or newborns were between 1997 and 2007 in Oceania dead to the world. The island has – in Portugal and the U.S. – the highest percentage of vehicles on. And the distance is between 15 and 39 years, the New Zealand average, women cover there is also increased by 40% between 1990 and 2000.

Driving means increased risk. In the United States provide car accidents – according to another of Weiss and his colleague Catherine Vladutiu 2011 in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine published articles – the greatest accident risk for women during pregnancy represents a larger fall than a foot or by bicycle. Car accidents during pregnancy are the first cause of the accidental death of the fetus and the mother as well as for serious injury cases and deaths in the U.S. Every year, 92,500 pregnant women pull injuries in a car.

“We have created a climate that encourages the intensive use of the car,” says White. At the same time, more and more women are of childbearing age in the labor market and drive the car every day to work. However, as more and more pregnant women are exposed to the risk of a car accident, corresponds to the message that send the charge of public health, not of this reality. “You’d have to win the doctors for it is still a recommendation, which should be arrested in everyday life”. However, the reality in a way that non-driving in a car-centric world is in fact not an option.

Pregnant women should always have at least the seat belt around the hips and be informed of the risks of airbags. If possible, also driving a car at night or in bad weather should be avoided. Although these measures may in a world in which the car belongs to everyday life, appear extreme, you should think about it because of the risks to include these considerations in the Decalogue for pregnant women. White goes on here purely statistical. ” If you can reduce the distances that you normally put back by car, by half, the risk is reduced by half, “he concludes.

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When to Offer a Compromise in a Car Accident Law Suit?

Sometime people just cannot agree on a given issue. The court system is the last ditch way that we have in the United States to force a resolution and solve a problem. The court system can solve disputes because the orders of the court must be followed. If a party won’t pay a judgment, the court can issue a lien on their property, or even garnish their wages. But the court is a last ditch effort for a reason. It takes a long time, and it’s expensive. If two parties can ever agree on a reasonable solution without court, they should. Because a car accident can be one of the most significant events of your life, reaching a good outcome is very important. That is why it is often that injury victims have trouble agreeing with insurance companies as to settlement amounts. If you or a loved one is having trouble reaching a reasonable settlement, you can consider mediation, arbitration, or litigation to involve a third party to help get the conflict resolved. An experienced personal injury attorney who understands the law can help frame your argument into a persuasive one. If you have attempted to reach a settlement, and cannot, you should likely hire an attorney. Most people find that hiring an attorney from the get-go, will add teeth to their case and therefore will add a great deal of value to their claim.

offering a hand shake
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Keep in mind that even after hiring an attorney, only the injured party has the ultimate right to either accept or reject a settlement offer. The advantage the attorney gives you is that they will know how much your claim is truly worth. Its difficult to know whether or not an offer is good if you have no idea how much your commodity is actually worth. Imagine trying to sell a car without researching values online or comparing it to what other cars are going for. That transaction will likely not go well. If you do choose to go it alone, remember that mediation and arbitration are options to explore before formal litigation. They are quicker, and cheaper, but they are not binding, you may end up in litigation in the end anyway.

Negotiation is an art, it takes a lot of practice, know the process by which the insurance company is valuing your claim to get their number. Know how to justify your own number. Once you have gone through that process, and you feel that you have truly gotten to the insurance company’s highest possible offer, you now have a decision to make. Keep the following in mind as you do that:

  1. Be positive that you have truly arrived at the highest offer available.
  2. Do not accept the first offer on the table.
  3. Counteroffer numbers that are much higher than a number you will settle for.
  4. Make sure that their number has moved up considerably from the original offer.
  5. Ask questions like, “is that the highest number you are authorized to offer to avoid litigation?”

Keep in mind that time is money. If you get an offer that is close to what you think is fair. Take it. If you know all the applicable laws, you document everything well, you represent your interests persuasively and you are a master negotiator, you may be able to accept a settlement offer without feeling like you were hustled. If you would like to have all those things done for you, while ending up with more money in your pocket, you may want to set up a free consultation with an attorney who specializes in this field.


This article is offered only for general information and educational purposes.  It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion.  You should not act or rely on any information contained in this article without first seeking the advice of an attorney.