Features of a LCD Media Player

You can have the freedom to take your audio, video and digital photos with you on the road and enjoy your digital content anywhere, thanks to portable media.

A portable media player and a hard drive based MP3 player are different, however, a LCD media player also lets you watch movies, and listen to audio files. Usually comes with a color LCD screen for easy navigation through files, and view video content. You can also use these devices to view digital images or to store data on your computer. Different players have different sizes and features, while some are equipped with expansion slots for media cards similar to digital cameras.


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These are not as portable as so you can carry them in your pocket. If the screen is too small, it will not be able to watch videos on it. Therefore, the screen size affects the overall size of the player. Battery requirements also are affected, and these players are equipped with a battery for video playback. The weight and size of the device is determined by the larger screen and battery with adequate power. However, they are twice the size and weight of hard disk MP3 players and come with a display of 3-4 inches.


In general, we expect the weight of a portable multimedia system in less than a kilo. Should have enough storage space, and a good sized screen (above 4 ” is acceptable.) People who are constantly traveling is likely to appreciate this device if there is enough storage space for more than one hundred hours of video that can play on the built- in 4.3 ” color LCD display . The player also should be able to play a variety of video files including MPEG -4, WMV and protected WMV.

Slow motion, adjustable screen size, video editing and even a video -book function brand are some of the features we expect from a good media player.

Usually, if you buy optional DVR Station , the device becomes a digital video recorder capable of recording TV and most video sources such as a VCR , camcorder or DVD in MPEG -4 , and cable / satellite. You should be able to create a DVR station by connecting the device to an external video source, and schedule recordings or instantly record by using an infrared receiver that controls the external video sources.

You should also be able to transfer your photos, while moving from a PC or mass storage device, using a coupling adapter and with the help of a USB 2.0 interface or directly from a digital camera.

Gradually the idea of a computer room and entertainment center entertainment is becoming a reality day by day , mainly thanks to the flexibility and versatility of a computer compared to other electronic devices (DVD , CD ‘s, VCR, etc.) in which we can hardly adapt to support new formats, roles and functions .

There are already commercial solutions specifically designed for computer entertainment: the barebones computer games, which, although it is true that more and achieve more competitive prices compared to conventional computers, today its acquisition implies a greater financial outlay and a host of technical problems due to their lack of flexibility (to go all the hardware integrated in a single support plate that barely supports modifications or extensions to its structure).

We will try to approach this idea of computer room, but to propose a more economical solution, flexible and improved compared to current solutions barebones: computer hardware and software specific, instead of purchasing a new computer specific, your computer will try to implement in the functions of a computer room.