Girl or Boy? Determine Your Childs Sex

Boy or girl? Who wants a baby, would especially like that it is healthy. Within the United States they now allow a new technique with which the sex can be determined. It is utilized by a process called preimplantation genetic diagnosis. As we’ve progressed as human beings we’ve consistently made progress in our desire to allow the gift of life to whomever desires it, and now it has allowed you to pick the sex of your child.

The term pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is used to denote procedures that do not look for a specific disease but use PGD techniques to identify embryos at risk.

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The sperm determines the sex of a child. The egg of the woman carries in itself always an X chromosome. A sperm cell fertilizes the egg, then either merge the two into a XX or XY combination. So it depends on the sperm, whether the offspring is a boy or a girl.

There are numerous tips on how to determine the sex of the child desire the same. Diet, time of ovulation or sexual position to have an impact on.

So there is now a technology that allows this sex selection before conception. The sperm are stained and separated according to sex. The sorted sperm is then used in artificial insemination.

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The question is whether it will be a boy or a girl is especially important if you’re trying to avoid a sex limited genetic diseases. As muscular dystrophy and hemophilia – seem to affect primarily or even exclusively members of one sex.

The new method can avoid parents to transfer these genetic diseases to their children. Another advantage is, according to a study at the University Hospital of Basel , that the number of additional embryos, which is required for preimplantation genetic diagnosis usually can be reduced.

Even U.S. studies have shown that patients who wanted to get a girl by using the new technique, approximately 93 percent of pregnant women have received has become a female child. The desire for a boy, it was almost 85 percent.

There is always more progress to be made, and there is some additional conversations to have regarding the morality of what they call “playing God”, that subject is not the point of this article. In regards to avoiding sex based genetic problems by being able to determine the sex of the child offers hope to many who fear bring a child into this world who may not be able to linger for as long as they like.

Photo Credit: Lisa Rosario